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HOPE should never go out from ones life
Core Programe
  • Shelter & Home ↵
  • Health Care ↵
  • Education ↵
  • Awareness on drug abuse prevention & rehabilitation ↵
  • Sustainable Livelihoods ↵
  • Special Humanitarian Services ↵
  • United Nations Reforms ↵
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In 2008, a few residents, businessmen, physician, researchers and lecturers banded together in an informal block association and start effort to save the neighborhood from decay and destruction. They succeeded, and formed Hasaan foundation, an organization founded on the basis of self-sufficiency.
Today, Hasaan Foundation is a recognized not-for-profit leader in affordable Community development for Support the Children & women, Health, Education, Awareness on Drugs abuse preventions and rehabilitation, sustainable Livelihood , Special Humanitarian Services , United Nations Reforms like Human Rights, Justice ,Women Empowerment and etc by our management in the country.Whole sections of our community are
revitalized and rehabilitated managed by our organization.
Dedicated to providing better social welfare
services With out any discrimination
against sex, race, caste, Religion
and social origin.

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