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Advocacy Campaign

Advocacy is the act of supporting a cause or issue to achieve a desired result. It is action directed at changing policies, positions or programmes. Advocacy campaign is an organized effort to educate the general public on your issue and to mobilize them to support your position in the appropriate way. In planning any campaign, one should always keep in mind how to motivate maximum number of people to attain the set goals.

There are many things that should be take into consideration when advocating any campaign, be it a vote campaign, tree planting campaign, campaign for children rights or Human rights.

Identify the issue
Problems can be very complex, and selection of an advocacy issue must be based on well-researched information.
Set goals and objectives
The goal or vision is a general statement of what you hope to achieve with the campaign. The objectives should state specifically what needs changing, who is responsible, how much change is required, and by when it is required. The usual time frame for an advocacy objective is 1-3 years.
Identify your primary target audience
Identify the primary audience, i.e. the decision-makers with the authority to directly affect the outcome of your objectives.
Identify the secondary audience i.e. individuals and groups that can influence the decision-makers.
Shape your message
The message should be a concise and persuasive statement about your advocacy goal or vision that says what you want to achieve, why, and how.
The content, language, medium, and the time and place of delivery of the message, are important considerations.
Build support
It is necessary to build networks of supportive individuals or organizations and to work together in a co-ordinated way.
Design a fundraising strategy
A targeted fundraising strategy must be designed at the beginning of your campaign.
Implement the campaign
Deliver the message.
Be innovative and persistent.
Evaluate the campaign
Always evaluate the content, process, impact and outcome of your campaign, in accordance with your stated goal and objectives. Change strategies if necessary.
The success of any campaign depends on how you plan it keeping in view the goals which you want to achieve through it. In Pakistan many campaigns with very good ideas behind them failed because they are not done in a proper manner.

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