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Gender Inequalities

South Asia stands out among all the regions of the world as a region with a high degree of gender Inequality in opportunities, resources, and rewards enjoyed by men and women. Within South Asia, gender disparities in Pakistan are also pronounced, they cut across all classes, sectors, and regions of the country.

Gender inequalities, true equality -social, political and legal- between gender remain a mere dream for the majority of Pakistani Women. Our society is a male dominating society, therefore one way or the other we came across with gender related issues.

The constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan gives equal rights to both men and women. Pakistan's constitution places no constraints on female participation in government, more than 50% MPs are women and law enforces that women must have equal opportunity in Parliament.

The literacy rate of females in Pakistan is at 39.6 percent compared to that of males at 67.7 percent. The objectives of education policies in Pakistan aim to achieve equality in education between girls and boys and to reduce the gender gap in the educational system.

Over a period of time women of Pakistan emerged as strong women and they are proving their mark in every field. Since our social setup is patriarchy, therefore at times women do become victim of gender in equality. The need is to reduce the gender gap by empowering women in real sense so they can be counted as a productive member of the society. Following things should be take into much consideration in order to empower women.

Participation in the Labor Force
Political Participation

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