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HOPE should never go out from ones life
Letters to Hasaan Foundation

Naveed Ahmed
(Multan) July 29,2008

Naveed is poor but a diligent student, he could not precede his studies due to his financial problems. Naveed has approaches to the Hasaan Foundation for employment, but the administration of HF encourages him to keep continue his studies and arrange a job for him. Now he is doing his job, supporting his family and also going forward with his academic studies for his better career opportunity. 

Kaneez Fatima
(Multan) October 22,2008

Kaneez Fatima was founded outside the main gate of Nishter General Hospital, with her ill child, after counseling Hasaan management came to know that she is not able to get cure facilities for her ill child due to poverty. Hasaan Foundation bears all expenses of medical treatment to her child and now she is so thankful to HF as her child is now out of danger and getting improvement.

A Letter from Dera Ghazi Khan
Dec 19, 2008

Nadia from Dera Ghazi Khan wrote a letter to the Chairman of Hasaan Foundation and told him about her difficulties of day to day life. Her parent wants to arrange her marriage but poverty does not allow them, Chairman Hasaan Foundation takes the responsibility of her marriage Expenses and supports her parents and now a day she is enjoying her life with her husband in D.G.Khan and her parents are too pleased with the efforts of Hasaan Foundation and ThanksĖBy Parent.

Zaheer Masih
(Dera Ghazi Khan) Feb 12,2008

Zaheer Masih is worker in an industry, he is so hardworking but disappointed for the future of his only and lonely son, as his son was a drug-addicted and severely used to have drugs. Zaheer donít have sufficient resources to take his son to any sanatorium for his treatment. Meanwhile his friend introduces him with the administration of Hasaan Foundation, from here his good fortune started and Hasaan Foundation provide him the best possible assistance regarding the medical treatment of his son.He is now really happy as his son is enjoying his life with new hope after getting rid of bad habit of drugs. Thanks By Father.

(Muzafargarh) June 16,2008

Husband of Aamna was died in a road side accident; he left two little children with her. Now Aamna was alone and there is no one who cares for their livelihood. By chance the circumstances of Aamna came to the knowledge of people at the Hasaan Foundation, the administration purchases a sewing machine setup for her, and helps her to start her work. Now a day she is stood on her feet and earning her livelihood and nurturing her Childs with great sense of respect and praying for Hasaan Foundation.

(Rajanpur) 27-Aug-2008

I belong to a poor family. My father was a mason and he have to go city on daily basis to earn his livelihood. My father was died due to asthma. I donít have resources to perform my fatherís funeral rites. Meanwhile my friend tell me about Hasaan Foundation and their philanthropic activities and he himself approaches them and within no time they supported me and family to buried our demised father with a respectful and religious manner. I am really thankful to the people at Hasaan Foundation as they supported me regardless of ethnicity and religion.

Ram Gopal and Family
(Multan) 2-Sep-2008

We belong to a Hindu family and we are living in Kachi Abadi, Multan. We are poor people and doing little pieces of work to earn our livelihood. In last rainy season our house completely damaged due to heavy rain, especially the roof of our house was completely destroyed. Meanwhile the people from Hasaan Foundation came to the area to help our community for rehabilitation. Like others they help us and provide us the financial support to rebuild our home. We the whole community are grateful to the Hasaan Foundation for their extension of helping hands in the time of exigency .

Zenab Bibi
(D.G. Khan) 14-Dec-2008

Zenab Bibi, an old age lady who lived in a rural village of D.G.Khan was so poor and she is the sole caretaker of her family as her elder son was died in a street battle. Due to the age factor her eyesight weakens and she become about disable, the matter came to the knowledge of the people at Hasaan Foundation. They support the lady and her both eyes were operated under the expense of Hasaan Foundation. Today she is happy with her family with sparkling eyes.

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