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HOPE should never go out from ones life
CEO’s Message

(Mr. Nusrullah , Chairman of Hasaan Foundation)

 Welcome to Hasaan Foundation and thanks for visiting our site .Our Vision for every life in all its fullness for Sustainable communities (peaceful, healthy, educated and productive) based on civic sense, social justice, peace and respect, self reliance, and rights-based development
Kiran (Hope) which is synonym of light beam of great Sun, so as it is quite transpire that 'Kiran' from its true essence is liable for the enlightenment of the whole universe.

So there is no room for any critical argument through which any one can undermine the ever shining character of the Kiran.

 It is Nature’s tendency of blessing and condescension towards Kiran to make it not only ever shining, ever glooming but to assign it with a great, awesome and spiritual objective to eradicate the darkness and vagueness from the only mansion of mankind.

While Kiran performing its duty with great dedication and commitment as the inhabitants of universe are persistently going forward with all of its unprecedented inventions living within the guided pathway advising by 'Kiran'.

So authority of Kiran to enlighten the others and to keep the sacred passions of Hope, Integrity, and Mutual respect alive is simply admirable and no controversial, mankind will fight against the ever rising forces of evils.

And will always proceed as a dominant force and this becomes possible only due to ever encouraging force of Kiran.So mankind is always thankful to Kiran and should keep saying, Thanks Kiran

I invite you to join us. Together we can make a difference through passion, professionalism and an uncompromising commitment to helping the deserving people realize life in all its fullness.

That's our Hasaan Foundation


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