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HOPE should never go out from ones life
Our Objective

The major thrust of Hasaan Foundation is to facilitate gender responsive and sustainable development activities, to include:

  • Conduct baseline studies and relevant researches to better understand and appropriately address the effects of poverty and civil injustices in our designated working areas.

  • Create support systems for children in need by  providing Shelter and home environment for abandoned and orphaned children.

  • Help the poor and marginalized children learn and access their rights and entitlements irregardless of faith, sex or religion.

  • Spearhead and continue awareness initiatives against the use of illicit drugs, the  negative consequences of its use and create an enabling environment for productive activities such as sports competition, health and livelihood promoting youth clubs, among others.


  • Establish institutions that promote and enhance human  capital  development like schools, recreation centers, community and health centers in the working areas.

  • Undertake health education activities geared at women’s  and children’s health,  diseases awareness , prevention and care giving;  and the promotion of hygienic and healthy living practices; (awareness raising, training , health camps, etc.

  • Provide necessary health services and facilities to the poor and marginalized, particularly women and children, where possible. Organize and provide emergency mobile health units in remote and difficult parts of the working areas.

  • Conduct advocacy campaigns on environmental protection, water and sanitation, and other emerging issues that affects human existence

  • Establish training wings that will provide knowledge, attitudes, skills and practices to men and women pursuing self employment and/or finding a job.

  • Provide start up capital to women and men, and youth groups who wish to pursue their own businesses as well as marry of poor girls.

  • Graveyard Services provide washing and burials for unclaimed bodies. Religious services are provided according to the deceased's religious affiliation

Organize cultural awareness events, at local, national and international levels to deepen understanding and appreciation of different values systems; learn different cultures and promote tolerance and acceptance of values and cultures of people in the East and West, among others

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